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    jp's Beglitched (PC)

    [April 5, 2020 07:21:18 PM]
    I played this for about an hour(?) in the context of a class I was teaching - normally I'd play a game before and then show it in class but, with the pandemic+teaching online, it just made more sense to do it this way.

    Anyways, it was fun to learn and experience a game for the first time under the "eyes" of a few people. Weirdly, the game doesn't do a lot to help you figure things out BUT, it is the sort of game you can trial/error/experiment your way to at least a basic understanding of the mechanics.

    For example, it took me a little while to realize the game has two main modes of play - one can be described as form of minesweeper while the other is a match-3. Each has its own challenges in figuring out what to do, how to do it, etc. They're not hard - but it was weird to have to context-switch when I entered each mode. The match-3 was perhaps the more interesting one for me - each time you make a match "stuff happens" and since there's an objective (detonate a spot on the board where an invisible enemy is hiding), you can't (shouldn't) just go in willy-nilly. So, experimenting while playing was neat - and I slowly started to realize what matches did (e.g. give you more time on the clock before the hidden enemy attacks you, improve bombs that have better/bigger blast radius, etc.). There's a nice amount of strategy and planning that allows flexibility for luck which I liked. So, it's not quite a puzzle where you really need to find the optimum. For example, I might have narrowed down the location of the hidden enemy to two locations one of which explodes. So, I have a 50/50 chance of clearing the level - why not try to see if I'm lucky? Other times you know where the enemy is, but don't have a way to explode their location - so you need to make matches to "fill the time", but also prevent them from attacking.

    Perhaps one of the more interesting design choices is that the board state is preserved between matches. So, you can also choose to make matches to "set up" something for the future - have a large bomb ready to go, etc. while playing a match you've already "solved".

    There's a story too, a cute retro OS aesthetic, and fun writing and characters...but for now I've mostly enjoyed the matching...though there is much more to the game than that.
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    jp's Beglitched (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 31 March, 2020

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