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    jp's Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! (PC)

    [May 20, 2020 10:51:18 PM]
    I started up a new game and interestingly your relationship with each of your colleagues/employees/business partners remains. So, you can essentially grind them all up to the maximum, which is nice for completion. I'm guessing there are rewards for repeated playthroughs and you can probably unlock new characters and make them available for hire and such.

    The beginning is similar, but your nemesis turns out to be working for your REAL nemesis and on it goes. I'm also guessing there's more story stuff to see and so on, but - I'm not really all that compelled to suss it out.

    I have enjoyed the writing and the humor and the game does have a neat little feature - a dictionary of sorts you can use to look up the meaning of certain words and phrases. It's quite funny, actually - and I'm guessing the writing team had a good time looking up old english slang and such.
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    [May 17, 2020 08:03:41 PM]
    Played this a bit ago, but just posting now. It's not every day I get to play/write about a game a former student worked on. Or at least a former student I interacted with but might not have been in a class I taught? (hmmm...)


    It's basically a "empire builder" sim in which you're clicking on things to get numbers to go up before a (long) timer runs out. There's some "live" managing you need to do - you send people to places and then they get tired and you have to manually swap them out. However, it also has a dating sim side which is a change of pace - sure, you're always dating your employees/business partners which is not weird/unusual at all - but it's fun.

    In terms of the design I think it's an interesting mix of optimizing numbers and efficiency, with fun writing and dating. BUT I noticed there are a few elements from Slay the Spire! (familiar to me from that game, not claiming they were copied).

    In Slay you can get Relics that give you permanent buffs/modifiers/abilities - they can really change they way you play and help you lead into certain strategies etc. Here, you can also unlock "relics" (forget what they're called) - I only played once so... - but I think they might also affect the way you play? I don't think you always get the same ones. Mostly they might just be buffs/boosts? I hope not - definitely a more interesting game if they're not.

    I finished (beat my rival) a full game - but it hints that I have not REALLY finished it - so I might want to go back and see what's new? I wonder if other than unlocking new relics, there will be differences in story (I'm guessing I'll also see a lot of different/new characters and such).
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    jp's Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! (PC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Saturday 2 May, 2020

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 21 May, 2020

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