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    [July 25, 2020 12:22:37 PM]
    Enjoyed this standalone expansion, even though I didn't get to officially finish it. Why? My laptop got fried by lighting! Bought a new one, and the game doesn't use cloud saves. I was on the last level anyway and certainly got the gist. According to walkthroughs, all I missed were some "boss" fights.

    Mind Control Delete is more of the same Superhot gameplay, but the point seems to be to take you on a power fantasy. Seriously, once you play around with the new upgrades and learn the new tricks the game throws at you, you will be overpowered beyond belief (with a little luck). The core gameplay loop here is the original's endless mode. You travel through five "levels" with a bunch of different "nodes" in each. As you make your way, you unlock a few types of upgrades. At the beginning of each node, you select a "core" upgrade which, for most of the game, will be a choice between an extra heart (three instead of two) or a special move that dashes you toward an enemy. There are a series of "arenas" to complete within each node, and after every few arenas, you are presented with the option to choose from two randomly selected upgrades you've unlocked. Once you complete the node, you move to the next, resetting your upgrades, and once you complete all nodes in a level, you move to the next level.

    The core upgrade fundamentally changed my gameplay style, depending on which one I chose. The game was very easy for a while, then ramped up the difficulty. I had been choosing the dash core every time, which is offensive. I would take more risks and was quicker to engage enemies. When I started dying (which is annoying because it resets the entire node), I switched core upgrades to an extra heart. With more health and no dash ability, I played more cautiously. I had to be more aware of positioning relative to enemies and couldn't count on just dashing my way out of a jam. Once I learned this cautious disposition and stopped dying, I took it back to the dash core and was unstoppable from then on.

    The node upgrades also help the overpowered feeling, especially when luck is on your side. Some upgrades are useless while others make you unstoppable. For instance, the regular dash move just punches an enemy, which makes them drop their gun. You have to punch them more, pick up the gun, shoot them. That takes time (and remember that enemies only move when you do--this includes while you are picking up items and turning--any movement) and can get you in a precarious situation as other enemies move. BUT, if you dash with a katana, you just lop their head right off. So if you're lucky enough to get the "start every arena with a katana" upgrade and you chose the dash core, you're nigh unstoppable as you dash around one-shotting everyone. Another combination I loved was getting "guns have more bullets" and "start every arena with a random gun." Guns only have like 2-4 shots, so an extra shot is a huge increase. This means you change weapons way less often, which decreases time spent doing wasteful actions, which means enemies move less, which is great for you.

    In the end (well, almost the end, till my computer was fried), the game is fun, but just distilled Superhot with an upgrade system. Some new enemy types might throw you off briefly. When you realize that the "concrete" guys can't be hit except in their red spots, or the red dudes with red guns can't drop their guns, or the "mushroom" dudes who explode on impact need to be killed from far away, it's not too difficult to adapt successful strategies. The story goes nowhere and I was getting a little bored of doing the same thing over and over. Arenas are all randomly generated, and so the "puzzle" feeling of the first game was missing. I wish care had been taken to create compelling FPS time puzzles, a missed opportunity. Maybe in the next game?

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    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 16 July, 2020

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 25 July, 2020

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    More of the same with some new weapons and upgrades so far. Seems like a Superhot power fantasy. --------- Story goes nowhere. Fun, but a bit repetitive.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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