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    jp's Hustle Kings VR (PS4)

    [July 27, 2020 01:30:34 PM]
    I'll admit that I was a bit shocked when the game booted up - there are all kinds of things on the front page that make the game look like a F2P mobile game. However, once I figured out where the "game" was (after the tutorial I played the rookie championship mode, the only one that was unlocked)...things calmed down.

    I bought this game on a trip to Italy two(?) years ago and the PSN online store items were not available - but I was able to buy a few things with in-game currency. They started me off with a sizeable amount, so I wonder if this was the result of the store going down and perhaps the game was less generous before? I wonder...

    Perhaps the strangest thing about the game was the prominent placement of advertising for other games. AFAIK, none of the games I saw advertised were related to the publisher of this game (for example, I saw Little Big Planet 3 being advertised) which is really weird.

    I was playing the game in VR which was nice - the game's interface was pretty well thought out and I didn't have trouble "doing things" - and this reminded me how much I love to play pool, and I how bad I am at the game in the real world. Of course virtually it's much easier because of the guide lines that tell you what your shot looks like, you can fine tune your aim, set spin and so on - then there is a "timed button press" to hopefully get an accurate shot (to what you've basically configured).

    There's also a few other modes that I think can really help you get into "getting good" at pool (and related games). What's interesting is that in the regular game it's kind of up to you (the player) to figure out how to make a shot and what the possibilities are - and this comes from personal experience.

    It made me wonder how to go about creating a game that lets/helps the player understand what possibilities there are for different plays and to encourage them to "explore"(?) while setting up their shots? The game currently really depends on you knowing the rules of the different games. 8-ball? 9-ball? etc. I couldn't find the basic rules anywhere - though when I messed up a game would let me know: you didn't hit the correct ball first and that sort of thing.

    So, I didn't know if I had to sink balls in numerical order (9-ball) or not?
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    jp's Hustle Kings VR (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Sunday 26 July, 2020

    GameLog closed on: Monday 27 July, 2020

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