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    jp's Good Sudoku (iPd)

    [September 29, 2020 07:08:13 PM]
    This has been my go-to downtime short burst game for a while now. It's quite relaxing and it's made me realize how much of an idiot I was back in the day when sudoku was all the craze. I had written sudoku puzzles off because, like an idiot, I got stuck on a puzzle and assumed you just had to "guess" (and get lucky) in order to make progress. What an idiot.

    What I enjoy the most about this game is that it really bends over backwards to both give you a way to challenge yourself but also, more importantly, help you learn how to get better at sudoku. I feel this in my own gameplay - I can now solve harder puzzles more easily (and without relying on hints) and, even if I use a hint - I feel like I'm learning new techniques and ways to solve the puzzles that weren't on my radar before.

    Weirdly I'm also really comfortable with starting a daily puzzle and then getting distracted and never finishing it.
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    jp's Good Sudoku (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 1 September, 2020

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