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    jp's Zenses: Rainforest (DS)

    [January 3, 2021 05:52:19 PM]
    I don't know why, but I get the impression that this game (and the other in the series I have) were not originally DS games? Or are part of a series on the PC ported to DS? I have no evidence to support that at all - and you couldn't tell either way from play the game...but...I don't know.

    So, this is essentially a collection of simple puzzle games. When I first saw one of these on the shelves I was not interested at all because it looked like a mindfulness/meditation app/game for the DS (of which there were quite a few titles if I recall). But, it's actually a bunch of puzzle games you're supposed to play to relax?

    I'm confused as to how that's supposed to work because the games have a score, time limits, lose conditions, and challenges (sort of like achievements). All of these play against "relaxing" in my mind?

    What is interesting is that before each game there's a configuration screen that lets you set the level of intensity (it's a slider that goes from _ I think - 0 to 9). I didn't really mess around with it too much other than noticing it existed, so I don't know how each individual game varies.

    In terms of the art/theme - sure, they're all nature/forest/green...but the games are all still a variety of puzzle games that, while original, don't feel quite as fresh? More like variations?
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    jp's Zenses: Rainforest (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Friday 1 January, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 3 January, 2021

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