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    jp's Terra Nil (PC)

    [January 15, 2021 04:49:13 PM]
    I don't know how I heard of this game - but I'm glad I did! It's a game on itch! (

    It's a reverse-4X game which is super peaceful to play. I've only played the first two levels/scenarios (there are a few more). Basically, the idea is to build buildings, power them up, etc. There's also a tech tree of sorts.

    BUT, rather than exploiting you're trying to do the opposite - you're restoring the environment! The 2nd scenario ends once you've restored different biomes (achieving a balance) and then you have to recycle all your buildings, use them to build a spaceship and leave the planet all pristine and restored!

    The experience of playing the game is strangely peaceful and also beautiful. I was genuinely surprised once I had restored the weather system to see it rain, hear thunder, and then see greenery spread over the areas I hadn't restored!

    I haven't quite understood some of the buildings and how they're supposed to operate - but, I guess there's time to play some more and figure things out?
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    jp's Terra Nil (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 15 January, 2021

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