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    jp's DJ Star (DS)

    [February 1, 2021 04:21:03 PM]
    Huh. So there are more DJ mixing games than just DJ hero (and the sequel)! And this one seems more "legit" than most even as its systems are largely obscure to me after playing a few hours. It doesn't help that couldn't find much to guide my play (there doesn't seem to be a tutorial and the help pages are pretty scant in the info your provide).

    Why "legit"? Well, you're a party DJ and you need to get a crowd to dance and enjoy your party with your mixing skills. The basic setup as two turntables and you can pick which records to place on each based on...well, whatever you want. There's a cross-fader and a headphone mode you can adjust the pitch on either song until they're synced up. There's also an auto-sync button but using this can result in the crowd getting pissed 'cause you're cheating! To match up the songs you adjust the pitch slider on each until...AFAIK, you get the same BPM on each song. Sometimes you can't - implicitly - 'cause some songs might have bpms that are too far apart (beyond the range of the sliders). So, you need to pay attention to the song's bpm when you select it from the list.

    There are also options to scratch and some mini-games you can play to boost your scores while songs play. Oh, there's also 4 knobs you can twist (boost bass and boost treble, one each for each deck).

    I was kind of getting into it - except that that there are other noises that I felt interfered with the mixing experience. So, it's a weird game where I feel there's a tension between "real mixing" and making it a game with your following in screen prompts and getting nice loud and juicy feedback.
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    jp's DJ Star (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Sunday 31 January, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Monday 1 February, 2021

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