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    jp's Sea Monsters; A Prehistoric Adventure (DS)

    [March 20, 2021 03:13:26 PM]
    I think it's fair to call this an educational game.

    I played for about an hour - suffered through some controls and UI that I had a hard time getting used to - and I think I'm done. The overall structure is kind of interesting, at least in terms of were I think it's going.

    So, you play as an underwater prehistoric sea creature (can't recall the name) and you have to maintain three bars topped up - health, stamina, and oxygen. You get health (I think) from eating smaller fish - and you hjave to target and lock on. You lose health when attacked by larger animals. I don't think this ever happened. You can also "accelerate" as you swim - but it's awkward to navigate with the stylus while holding the accelerate and while also keeping the trigger button (to lock on to target)

    You can find shiny yellow things in the underwater environment (that doesn't have a lot of detail) that are "fossil pieces". Once you collect all the fossil pieces for a creature you unlock the creature to play with. I unlocked a turtle-like (not actually a turtle forebearer) creature that was slow and useless?.

    Oh, the underwater areas have portals to new locations - the open sea is the only one I tried, and it leads to some challenges you need to complete to get more fossil pieces and so on. I did two challenges and they were't exciting or interesting. One was to eat 10 fish and the other was to get to the portal (by swimming through rings).

    In the main area there's apparently a way to leap over into another area - but you need a creature that can leap out of the water.
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    jp's Sea Monsters; A Prehistoric Adventure (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Friday 19 March, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 20 March, 2021

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