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    jp's Puzzle de Harvest Moon (DS)

    [March 20, 2021 03:20:42 PM]
    I was expecting this to be a match-three type game set in the Harvest Moon universe with a campaign of sorts and different characters and such. It's not. And, I'm actually a bit disappointed - but this is mostly because the game has a few modes and that's it. THere's a single cart "share the game" mode that as well as regular multi-player options.

    But, the main game feels a bit shallow. Granted I did play on the lowest difficulty levels but still. Essentially it's a 4 player competitive game in which you have a "banner" of actions (when you do an action it's removed from the banner and another action slides in) and a shared plot of land where those actions are "done". You can plant seeds, and then you need to fertilize them (twice) and water them (twice) for produce to grow. You then harvest the produce either using the basket action or by swiping with your stylus. If you harvest your own produce you get double points, but you can also harvest other players stuff.

    THe actions sometimes affect a single square of land, other times they have a pattern the affect - so I think you can water your opponents stuff too. Also, depending on where you place seends you can "turn" your opponents plantings to your color.

    I spent most of my time planting stuff and then stealing produce from everyone else - it seemed the most efficient. Points for me and loss for the rest.

    Oh, there are also animals that might appear in your action banner - I don't know if that's random or biased based on your actions (if you do more banner actions, are you more likely to get an animal?). The animals are either good for you or useful in messing up your opponents. The affect either a shape or the entire plot...but I didn't get too many of them so I'm not sure how helpful they are.

    I guess the game is too frantic for it to be interesting? I just felt that stealing other's stuff was better because there's simply too much happening on the plot otherwise. There are also 8 (or 10?) characters to choose from - but afaik they don't have abilities or anything special...
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    jp's Puzzle de Harvest Moon (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Thursday 18 March, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 20 March, 2021

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