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    jp's SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (DS)

    [March 27, 2021 01:58:37 PM]
    I've completed 20% of the game's starting to get a little tiresome. Mostly because the battles are all too easy. The AI isn't very good and it makes mistakes like YOLO attacking (when it won't win, and this leaves it open to my attacking and winning in the next turn)

    There are neat little systems you can play with - the different powers and effects, but it's so hard to come by new cards and the decks are so large that it really doesn't feel worth it. All I've done is buy packs as soon as I can afford to and I've used the new cards to basically reduce my deck to a two-color deck (yellow/green). I see no reason to reduce it even further if I were to get enough yellow cards...

    It feels like the game also has a strong first player advantage? (though this might also depend on your deck - if you don't put enough low-cost cards you won't be able to take advantage of getting lots of small creatures down early).

    So, I've decided to pack it up and move on to another game...
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    [March 21, 2021 02:20:43 PM]
    I've been curious and interested in this game for SO LONG without knowing much about it. I think I've also confused it with Puzzle Fighters? (the tetris-like game with street fighter characters?).;

    Anyways, this game is a card game - you collect "mana" (force), play cards from your hand using that mana as a resource, attack your opponent, etc. You have a 50 card deck (which seems pretty large for a video game of this sort!) and then you just...well, fight more and more people.

    THe game takes place in a tower and you go up the different flights of stairs to presumably a final boss fight at the end. I've only cleared the 1st floor - though the structure is presumably there's a boss on each floor and a bunch of other fights as well. Like in the Pokemon games there's another "protagonist" (rival? unclear to me...). Some of the floors have two elevators and you can only take one path with the other chap taking the alternate.

    You earn currency from battles and then you can buy cards (one-off "scratch" or more expensive packs).

    I'm just starting to understand the basic system and it seems - really simple. It took a while but I eventually drew some non-character cards with effects on them and I've also learned that some of the characters have additional effects you can optionally pay for when you cast them. There seem to be other powers as well but I don't know how to get those to work - this might be because I usually try to spend all the mana not leaving any to pay for the extra effects?

    Deck-building is also pretty arcane to me at this point - but I hope to better understand what makes for a good/interesting deck the more I play. I did notice that there are pre-constructed decks as well! These are basically deck-lists that, I imagine, you can only play with once you've found all the requisite cards. I really like this idea - it gives me something to aim for in the game - or at least something different to try once I've collected everything.
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    jp's SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got Bored

    GameLog started on: Saturday 20 March, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 27 March, 2021

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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