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    Sup3rCondor's Forza Horizon (360)

    [April 12, 2021 09:26:16 AM]
    I love the Forza Horizon games. It was very interesting to see where it all started. Surprisingly there are a lot of parts of the game that hold up really well.

    The gameplay is a big standout. All of the car stats feel impactful, and different. Its very playable and fun. Each car itself even has a unique feel. Talking about the cars, the car models also hold up very well! They all look realistic, and sounds great. Though the models lack the depth of cars in modern games, they still look great.

    The environments in this game suffer from something that a lot of games from this generation did: there isn't a wide variety in the environmental color pallet, so pretty much everywhere on the game map feel the same. This also adds to the fact that there isn't a crazy variety in race tracks the player races on. These are minor things that probably only a 2021 gamer would complain about.

    To my surprise, the game features a light storytelling element that involved beating a handful of voice acted racers. Each race involves facing off against one of these people. In order to progress, the player has to beat the racers. This kind of forced me to keep the difficulty at medium to ensure I beat the racers to progress, when I usually would've played on the harder difficulties.

    I'm not sure how much one could acquire Forza Horizon for these days, but if it is $10 or less, I would say it is totally worth the purchase and play.
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    [April 5, 2021 09:25:54 AM]
    I played a couple of races last night, and one of them was super lame. It was a Ferrari vs Lamborghini race, and I can't afford to buy either one yet, so I upgraded my 90's lambo in order race. I would normally be fine with this, but one of the things I like to do in the forza games is convert my cars to AWD to allow for better launch and more control while driving. Forza Horizon doesn't have that ability so I've been forced to drive rear wheel drive cars like my 90s lambo. The control in these cars is minimal, and I feel like I had to race dirty in order to win in it. I was crashing into other racers in order to pass them, and I'm not a fan of that. I still think I'm getting close to the end, but we'll see.
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    [April 3, 2021 01:47:59 PM]
    I had fun yesterday in my adventures of the racing paradise of Playground Game's Colorado. I completed a handful of races and playing the game on medium difficulty is proving quite easy. I have set it so shifting in the car is done manually by myself and it makes the gameplay much more engaging. I've used this feature while playing all the other Forza games. It honestly takes racing games to the next level as I, the player, have more control over what my car is doing.

    The game features light story telling about beating pro racers in order to qualify for the Forza Horizon championship. Progressing through the races goes pretty quickly. I feel like I'm getting close to the end even though I have probably only played the game for 4ish total hours so far.

    The gameplay has a nice balance of simulation and arcade that allow for fun, but without making the game feel ridiculous.

    The game looks great for the Xbox 360. I'd go as far to say its the best looking racing game that I have played on the console.

    Specifically in my playing yesterday, I beat one of the pros to unlock a cool new car: The Nissan GTR. This is one of my favorite real life cars, so unlocking it in the game was nice.
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    [April 1, 2021 12:04:49 PM]
    This game is really fun. I've played all of the Horizon games before, but I have never played this one before. The gameplay was super strong at this point. If this game were released as a switch game today I would believe it was a modern game. One of the biggest complaints I have with the game so far is how specific the qualifications for each race are. I find myself having to upgrade or degrade a car I have in order to participate in a race, and in doing so I have to spend the money I win from other races. There is a lack of balance in earning money in the early game, so it is hard to get money to buy cars. I'm gonna play the game to finish though.
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    Sup3rCondor's Forza Horizon (360)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 1 April, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Monday 12 April, 2021

    Sup3rCondor's opinion and rating for this game

    Certainly a great starting point for the series. A fun racing game, but if you have access to the newer games, play them instead.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstar

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