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    jp's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (PS4)

    [May 29, 2021 07:07:23 PM]
    So, I played another mission and...while the world is definitely large, wide, nicely detailed and interesting to move around in, it was starting to feel more incoherent the longer I played. This isn't a knock on the devs - it's just that I found increasingly laughable when I was investingating a facility to see all these civilians walking around working normally (when supposedly the whole island has been taken over by this military group), I'd have these massive firefights with the guards/soldiers/drones in the area....and the civilians would cower, but then go back to normal (despite the dead bodies lying around and the fact that I'm running around carrying all these weapons). I guess the setting felt too normal...

    On the bigger picture - I never really got to enjoy the aim/shoot and movement seemed wonky - like I was always getting stuck on the geometry or crouching when I didn't want to and so on.

    I do think that spending more time (I played about 9 hours) would probably have led to things feeling better - but I looked at my drawed of unplayed games and decided that it was not worth it.


    (a) Wow, this game really is an RPG shooter!

    (b) Wow, they've really gone all-in on games-as-a-service. It's quite overwhelming to be honest

    (c) I loved flying around in the helicopter.

    (d) It still feels too much like Destiny that I want to like it but I can't because it's NOT like Destiny in some ways I care about? (e.g. aim/shooting, instanced missions, etc.)
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    [May 26, 2021 07:05:58 PM]
    I've mostly been playing Ghost of Tsushima, but I wanted to get back to this game just in case I was feeling "ready to move on" while also making sure that I hadn't forgotten all about the game in the first place.

    So, I played a few missions and finally found/rescued Skell! He's the CEO of the organization that has been "taken over" (or manipulated) such that the bad situation is currently what it is. Now's he's on "my side" and ready to set things straight but before...more missions.

    I'm still sort of overwhelmed by all the content in the game - there are 3 different (distinct) episodes and I think that Episode 1 is the "main game storyline". And there are two more episodes! It's MUCH! I'm still debating whether to "finish" the main game or not - I think this means finishing Episode 1, but again, I'm not even sure of what that critical path looks like. I think I just need to focus on those missions and see how it goes?

    I almost wish there was a "toggle everything that's not base-game off". Because, Ubi is really pushing hard on this game-as-a-service (just like everyone else) and while it's interesting/exciting from a "regular player of this game" perspective, it's just stuck between two worlds for a "I just want to play the main game" perspective.

    This is clearly the next evolution from what I've seen in the CoD games - where there is still a separation between "campaign" and "other stuff" (that includes PvP multiplayer, but also, say, zombies). To be fair, this all feels very "Destiny" - with the exception that I think they've done a phenomenal job here in the UI. I can see where different missions fall, prioritize those and so on. For Destiny you have to learn where things are/were (on the different planets) and then head over to do those...

    I still think it's a bit strange to get an email about my accomplishments in the game ("The script has been flipped. Skell isnít a Wolves operative, and he has a plan to hit them back. He just needs the Ghosts to do the following: 1) prison break 2) blow up some data servers"). It also lists some stats - basically abunch of characters I don't know that are still alive. I have no idea what that means and if I'm supposed to keep them alive (can I fail at that?) or kill them (they're objectives).

    I think I'll play some more though I was reminded that I don't really like the aim/shoot feel of the game - but we'll see....

    I do love flying around on the helicopter! I'm worried that at some point I won't be able to because of ground to air fire or swarms of drones?
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    [April 25, 2021 07:40:28 PM]
    I think what I've enjoyed the most so far is feeling completely overwhelmed while trying to understand what exactly this game is trying to be/provide. For a while I thought that this was "like Destiny" - there's a main story, but lots of daily quests and missions of different times you can do. It all takes place on a giant map - so it definitely felt like a "modern shooter" version of that.

    But then, I've played a few missions and it's not like that at all - mostly because the missions are really short and you spend most of your time travelling to get to the mission's location. So, they're not like Destiny's strikes - where you instance and then spend 30 minutes following a mission. Here you sort of pick a location, get there and you're done as soon as you talk to person "X" or as soon as you dispatch all the baddies there.

    So, then I thought maybe this is more like the (early) Assassin's Creed games I've played (it is after all a Ubisoft game) - but again, there are important differences here as well. For one, this game has the levelling up for both character and items/gear/weapons. I guess this is why I was making the connection to Destiny?

    I guess I should also play The Division because now that I think about it, perhaps that's the closer connection?

    Anyways, I have been having fun! Though I've been playing on easy which probably explains a lot. Interesting things so far:

    (a) The game offers two main modes of play which I'll describe as "arcade" and "simulation". The sim version has no UI and (I guess) is more realistic in that you have to really explore and stuff rather than relying on the UI to tell you where to go and that sort of thing. The two settings are interesting, but I'm most surprised by the fact that you can simply switch over from one to the other AND, more importantly, you can create you own hybrid mode by toggling a bunch of different settings. Ubisoft has really leaned into the "config this game however you want" beyon controls, which is pretty interesting. Especially since the game (presumably, I haven't tried it yet) has pretty robust multiplayer offering including co-op and what I think is some kind of general shared-world campaign.

    (b) The whole thing is connected to Ubisoft's game service network (UPlay?) which is pretty amazing (annoying too) given that it resides on top of the Playstation infrastructure - I think I can buy stuff through their store and I'm not sure if that would bypass Sony's store? I think this is all pretty wild in the context of the Apple/Epic store kerfuffle - because this seems very much like an example of two different ecosystems sort of playing well with each other? I signed up with some sort of throwaway account that is somehow linked to my gmail...

    (c) I've been getting emails to this account that recognize/know what I've done in the game! Their friendly and all, but it was kind of creepy to get an email recognizing that I had made some in-game progress and all...
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    jp's Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Saturday 17 April, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 29 May, 2021

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