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    jp's Stitch Jam (DS)

    [April 26, 2021 12:26:07 PM]
    I've always thought that the music levels in the new(er) Rayman games were brilliant - it's an action game where your actions (when correct) are synchronized with the music. This is game is the complete opposite of that - it's a beat-matching game where the on-screen action is synchronized to the beats you need to match. It sounds strange but it works and it was really accesible (perfect match to target audience).

    There's a campaign/story with 10 missions that take place in different areas and Stick is basically following a pre-determined path. There are special "items" in the path and when Stitch reaches one you need press A or B. That's it - obviously music plays and the items on the path are matched to Stitch's speed and the beats/notes in the music.

    The overall experience is pretty neat, because the action plays out as if you're controlling it (eg. causin stitch to jump or duck) when you're actually following the beat/music.

    In addition to the regular items (they're thematic to each level), there are some that are blank - but when you get close they switch into either A or B (and you must press the correct button). There are also arrows, when you press those Stitch moves up or down, or jumps or dodges.

    The game is surprisingly short, though there's a bonus story mode (3 more levels) and challenge modes and whatnot. There are even 4 characters to play as - and getting certain scores and stuff unlocks outfits for them.

    Strangely the game is also somehow connect to a thing called "Disney Gamer" - which seems like some sort of online portal (social network?). I guess at that time everyone was into setting up their own online community? But still, for a kids DS game that seems a bit much - I'm guessing it never went anywhere?
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    jp's Stitch Jam (DS)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 25 April, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Friday 14 May, 2021

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