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    jp's Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (DS)

    [May 14, 2021 08:47:06 PM]
    I guess I'm also on a hidden-object DS-game bender of sorts?

    First, I've learned that the "Mystery Case Files" of the title is a series of similar games on which this is the only DS title. I'm guessing they tried to branch out wasn't that succesful? There's quite a few titles in the series, some even with FMV!

    I guess I would call this a "high polish" hidden object game - there is a lot of variety in the locations you need to find objects in - all related to a punny cast of characters you talk to, then investigate. The game really tries to keep the variety up - in the early locations you only have to find a few objects (not a huge list) and although you return to many locations later - the list of things to find does not grow that much. It then slowly introduces some "tech" that give you new ways to search the environments: a flashlight for dark places, an "x-ray" machine, and goggles for seeing underwater items. It works quite well and the "you need a special item" objects are indicated by a "*" next to them. Furthermore there are some objets you need to interact with (this was a bit annoying to me until I realized how to spot them from the list) - some just need "rubbing with the stylus" while others refer to two objects you need to connect by "drawing a line" between them.

    So, it's a clever design direction that I hadn't seen before (I'm guessing it was not new at the time - but perhaps yes due to stylus?).

    As with many of the other games I've played - there are also puzzle interludes, none of which were too hard.

    I'm playing it on "easy" which was described by the game as removing the time limit and providing more hints. I wonder if there's more because I've really appreciated:

    (1) Having hints that point to where the thing you're finding is.
    (2) Not having to find all the objects in the list! (you have to find all but one)
    (3) There are some special areas where you need to find multiples of a few objects - these areas often (always) have LOTS more than the required number.


    (1) There's no such help/hints for the puzzles (as far as I could tell - perhaps there's a timer?) I wasn't able to exit out of some of them either!

    Overall though, I'm not going to see this through to the end mostly because I've got too many other games to play and - at this point - things are starting to feel a bit repetitive (I'm not excited about checking all the DNA amongst the suspects and bla bla bla). Yes, there's a fun/light story with twists and turns - but I can't really be bothered to care for it or follow it in any detail.
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    jp's Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Friday 7 May, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 29 May, 2021

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