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    jp's Blood & Truth (PS4)

    [September 8, 2021 01:13:40 AM]
    Ok, so everything I had left to play (all the way to the end of the game) was fun, wild, bombastic, and over the top in a good way. It was pretty neat - mostly like a great lightgun game!

    However, and this is a really, really big however, I came SO CLOSE to bailing on the game entirely. There's something really wonky about the controls and - despite trying to figure stuff out from the menus, re-calibrating, etc. I got stuck in a situation where I could not let go of an assault rifle. This was convenient in that I was able to keep it from area/level to area/level but it was really inconvenient when I needed to use my free hand for anything. The controls would alternate between holding the pistol or double-holding the assault rifle. I was not able to find a way to have that hand free other than wildly toggling back and forth and hoping it would "glitch" into the correct state. So, I spent 20 minutes crawling along a vent (one-handed) that should have taken 30 seconds. This does not include time spent reading stuff online trying to see if I was missing some "obvious" button I needed to press to put the assault rifle away (and then be able to pick it up again). In the end all I learned is that the move controls were glitchy and people complained about the big weapon holsters. Nothing about the standard control I was using. Later on I ran into another similar problem - fortunately "resolved" much faster, but it was close.

    Narratively? Interesting stuff, lots of loose ends and its definitely set up for a sequel. I'm not sure they're working on one though. So, you get your revenge - but there's no real info/progress on the "real powers" behind everything.
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    [August 30, 2021 11:06:45 PM]
    I've just finished the "shoot out in the tower that was going to get demolished" mission trying to save "me mum". The mission right before that was mostly looking at things so it was a nice break...and I had to stop playing because I was getting too sweaty.

    The controls are still really wonky at times (using controller not move controllers) but, for the most part they do the trick. What I'm starting to get annoyed by is the main character - I really don't like him as he's a bit of a... twat?...a silent protagonist might have been better for me rather than an annoying gangster/soldier type.

    The story is getting a bit more interesting - especially since it's being presented out of chronological order. I'm being interrogated by a CIA agent - and then play missions he's asked about (so, tell me what happened at X), but NOW we're going to be working together! Something about a rival gangster who seems suddenly too well funded and organized as well as revenge for killing my dad and (as of the last mission), my mum as well!
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    [June 5, 2021 09:28:41 PM]
    I really loved the "demo" for this game that was on some PSVR collection - I don't recall if the free demo disc or PSVR Worlds? Anyways, I don't even think it was a demo, rather a short episode that served as proof of concept that was then used as the basis for this game.

    So far, so good! It's bombastic in all the right ways - although I've struggled a bit with the controls. Perhaps I should be using the Move controllers in stead of the regular controller? The aiming is a bit hard and I struggle to "let go" when both hands grab the pistol. But, still - it's definitely the explosive crime action packed game I was expecting. I did think it was a bit strange that the hero - who's a member of an important(?) crime family in London was a special SAS operative? Like they wouldn't do a background check for that?
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    jp's Blood & Truth (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 31 May, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 8 September, 2021

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