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    jp's Wappydog (DS)

    [June 13, 2021 11:43:49 PM]
    Huh, another interesting surprise. This is a virtual pet game but there's a twist - it also came with a robotic toy dog that - I think - you could interact with from the game somehow. That along was enough to get me interested, but I don't have to dog, just the game. I wasn't sure it would even work, but the game has two modes. One is when you have the robot and the other is when you're travelling (as in, don't have the robot).

    It's a smart design choice, since - I'm guessing more often than not, you don't have the robot ('cause you're in the car, it's out of batteries, etc.). And, they added a "sync" option so you can send your data to the robot - so, you get to keep your progression in the game! I did that a few times, just to see what error message would come up ("sorry, robot's not here?) but it just acts like there's no problem, so perhaps it's all a sham? Or maybe it just saves it to send later?

    The non-robot mode of the game is also deeper than I expected. There's the usual pet, groom, feed, and play options (and decorate!) which are "fine" (not my cup of tea) but there's also mini-games too play where your robot stars! The minigames, well, mini - but fun as well. The longer you play the more mini-games you unlock and you also level up the robot (more hearts in its friend meter). As far as I can tell there's essentially a progression system that takes into account how long you've been playing and what sort of of interactions. I don't think it's too sophisticated. I leveled up once, and the robot grew older by one year - how old can it get? can it die of old age?

    I don't think I'll buy the toy, but I do wonder how much they sell for..
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    jp's Wappydog (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Thursday 10 June, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 13 June, 2021

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