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    jp's Grease (DS)

    [June 28, 2021 10:28:45 PM]
    This is a much harder game than I was expecting! And it's structured in an interesting way. It's a rhythm action game based on the movie Grease (which I have not seen but am familiar with most of the songs). As far as I can tell it follows the plot of the movie - but in a strange(?) way (or perhaps this is how the movie is structured): you pick a character (the guy or the girl) and then you play 6 (or 7?) songs. Then you pick the other character and do the same thing. I think half the songs are repeated across both characters - but there are ones that are specific to each character - which is in line with the movie, when different groups of characters sing their songs and stuff.

    As for gameplay - it's the usual tap on the stars when the outline shrinks - but the timing for some songs was pretty hard. There are also shapes you need to follow the outline of on the screen. There's a progress bar along the top that indicates your "status" - miss too many stars and it swings towards red. On the later songs if you miss 3 notes in a row (or something like that) and it's KO. Earlier songs and its more forgiving.

    Perhaps the most surprising thing in the entire game is that there's a special mode where on the top screen it shows the character's feet and where they are placed! THe idea is you can listen to the song - watch the screen and learn the choreography! I think that's pretty cool - it has controls so you can pause, rewind, etc. so you could really practice and learn. Now I'm curious to know if the dance moves are from the movie or not!

    Other random stuff:
    (a) You unlock songs and outfits as you clear songs in the campaign mode.
    (b) The characters aren't based off the actors from the movies.
    (c) The songs aren't song by the stars from the movies. Curiously they're sung by different people - I assumed they'd hire 2 people and have them sing everything. But perhaps the songs weren't sung by the same people even in the original?
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    jp's Grease (DS)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Friday 25 June, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Monday 28 June, 2021

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