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    Sup3rCondor's It Takes Two (XBX X/S)

    [July 10, 2021 07:55:33 PM]
    There are only a handful of games that have actually brought tears to my eyes while I was playing them. It Takes Two has just been added to that list. Only an incredible came can do that, and It Takes Two is an incredible game.

    Hazelight is as bold as ever with ITT. The game is co-op only. It can only be played with two people. It's not single player, or more than two players. ITT is just two players. This follows Hazelight's trend that started with their previous game A Way Out (2018). The game is a great step up from A Way Out in just about every way.

    The game's story is by far the highlight. We follow two soon divorcing parents as they work to escape a magical world that their daughter wished them into. Their journey is fun, and entertaining the whole way through. The game does an excellent job of talking the romance theme, which is something that not many (if any) modern big budget games do.

    Gameplay is another high point for the game. At it's core the game is a 3D platformer. Throughout the game, countless other game genres are layered on top. None of these bonus genres last longer than a level in the game. This ensures the game never gets old and feels fresh through its entirety. The game was about 12 hours long through my playthrough. It's impressive that the game stayed as exciting for the whole playthrough.

    The game is also very pretty. Its a pristine UE4 game. On the Series X, the game runs at a locked 60 fps, with only a couple minor stutters during cutscenes. The character models look great, but the real highlight is the various environments that players will come across.

    I played the game with my wife, and it was an incredible way for us to spend time together. My wife isn't much of a game player at this point, but she said that It Takes Two may have changed her view on video games a bit. I recommend this game to anyone. It's well worth any price one can get it for at this point.
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    Sup3rCondor's It Takes Two (XBX X/S)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 1 July, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 8 July, 2021

    Sup3rCondor's opinion and rating for this game

    Played with my wife! Top tier co-op game.

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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