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    jp's Grindstone (iPd)

    [July 7, 2021 01:54:15 PM]
    I'm currently on an Apple Arcade free trial offer so I thought I'd poke into some of the (afaik) exclusive games on the service. I started with Grindstone because it's the one I was most curious about and interested in playing.'s fine..?

    No pun intended - but it feels a bit grindy - I've been working my way up the levels and they're all challenging in different ways which is fun. I also like the multiple goals for each level and I've only just reached the point where I feel ok with NOT getting all the goals (e.g. unlocking the chest or getting the crown). Mostly because failing too often on a level becomes expensive really fast. When you die (lose all three hearts) you heal one and are sent back out. It costs 5 (or was it 10?) grindstones to heal a heart, and there's also a price for healing two. So, if you're not earning at least as many grindstones as you lose - well, you're draining your grindstone currency as it where. In theory, with a challenging level - I might get down to zero (currently have 200 or so) and then I'd have to literally grind for grindstones...and this all seems a bit much?

    The levels have an interesting pacing - and perhaps my play is still too "novice" - but I often decide to make a few small/short matches to say, get rid of 3-4 creeps of the same color just so I can set up a large match for later. Of course this is sometimes risky as you get more "angry" creeps the longer you play. Also, it seems weird that you should NOT try to do a 9-creep match because...well, if it was 10 you'd get a stone on the board! So, maybe match 2-3 of that long chain to hopefully set up a 10-chain for your next move. This seems counter-intuitive to most match games - where more matches is always better (at least in terms of score).

    A feature I do like - it's fun when it happens AND it also helps is that when you get a grindstone or some other on-the-board resource (e.g. creep part, sticks, ore, whatever) they fly up and land on a random space on the board. If that space is occupied- the creep gets bonked and dies. If it's a creep with a minimum skill chain to destroy (e.g. 5), the required amount goes down by one and the item bounces some other place. So, this reduces the length of the chain you need (and it's helped me out on more than one occasion).

    I'll keep on playing until I get tired/bored because I don't think the game runs "eternally"? We'll see...
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    jp's Grindstone (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Thursday 1 July, 2021

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