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    jp's Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (DS)

    [August 14, 2021 06:51:34 PM]
    I wonder how weird/strange it is to come into contact/knowledge of an IP (in this case "Generator Rex") via a videogame rather than it's main media (TV show, I think). Part of me gets the sense that Generator Rex is a "knock off" in the sense that Ben10 was really popular so someone said "hey, we need something like that". In Ben10 (which I think I also know from the game and possibly commercials) the character turns into "monsters" and does whatever his heroic thing is. In this game Rex can turn parts of his limbs into "machines" - for examples his arms into clobbering things. His feet into robot boots and the like.

    The game is basically a brawler where you can tap the touch screen to switch between different weapons and then clobber enemies. There's also a bit of a progression because you earn orange points (they have a name, I just don't remember it) to upgrade. You can upgrade each of the weapons three times as well as your health bar and a super power bar. I rarely use the super power - but it's depleted when you activate some special weapons (Omega weapons?) of which there are three but you spend most of the game with them unavailable.

    The game is ALMOST good. It's so close! The difficulty curve isn't that smooth - most of the regular combat is not too hard but some of the bosses see a significant spike. And there are lots of bosses. I'm 8/10 of the way through the game at this point and starting to get a bit frustrated because of the difficulty curve, but mostly because the brawling controls don't quite flow. It's easy to get stuck in a position where enemies basically juggle you to death which is annoying. I've gotten better at dealing with it, but still. Perhaps I should make more use of the Omega weapons? Also, there's a bit of a delay/lack of recognition when you use the touch screen to swap weapons which makes it annoying in that you might want to switch weapons (due to enemy type) but the time it takes for the switch to happen (because it didn't register the screen tap, or I frantically tapped twice and it selects/unselects/selects) and by then the monster is on me... Sigh.

    There is plenty of variety in the locations which is neat and there is also some variety in gameplay - from freefall (and dodge debris in the air), to shoot stuff at the top of the screen, touchscreen puzzles (connect lines to energy ball does a certain path). I mean, it's a "fine" game - just a bit short of being really fun and engaging for me. Obviously I'm not engaged with the story, characters, lore, etc. I have no idea what role the game plays in the show and there are obvious references to enemies and allies that are well-known. But overall, I'm pretty meh.
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    jp's Generator Rex: Agent of Providence (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Friday 13 August, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Saturday 14 August, 2021

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