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    jp's Vader Immortal: Episode III (PS4)

    [November 23, 2021 06:48:02 PM]
    Final episode!

    Still nice and short and sweet. I'm guessing some people complained about it being too short, but I really enjoyed the length - perfect for one session with the dojo to spend more time if you wanted.

    Again some new gameplay - now adding a scene with "do this motion in the air" - it was actually a cool moment as I used the sword-lightsaber to "wake up" a robot army that was going to help with things.

    This episode added shooting! (as a more commonly occurring thing) Mostly it was from force-grabbing blasters and then I would blast away at stormtroopers. Also grenades, but I didn't use those much. You also use the force in a battle against a commander in a TIE fighter - deflect his shots, damage the fighter, then use the force to finish up with the damage. Yes, it all takes a lot of suspension of disbelief (why don't I use the force on other things? etc.), but overall super fun. Oh, you can also start throwing your lightsaber - but perhaps this was introduced in Episode II?

    In all a light, fun and thoughtful experience. You're invariably the "good guy" (even if you're a pirate/scavenger) so it was weird when I learned that I could also do the "channel lightning" (dark side power!) though the whole choking people/creatures with the force also seems a bit suspect (from the "I'm a good guy"). It still works in that, well - Vader is worse, but I was a bit confused by how I was doing "dark side" stuff all the time... and, we hear Padme's voice!

    The dojo was tougher than episode II, but now you could get the lightning attack (which was super fun to use!) and also double wield! (two lightsabers, one in each hand). The double wield was neat for a while, but I think the force+lightsaber combo was the best for me.
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    jp's Vader Immortal: Episode III (PS4)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 20 November, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 23 November, 2021

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