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    jp's Inscryption (PC)

    [December 23, 2021 05:03:25 PM]
    If this isn't already an "indie darling" then it soon will be. And, I feel lucky I got to play this now while there's still lots of secrets, a general lack of guides, and a community that still might be actively exploring the game trying to find hidden things.

    I've been enjoying this a fair amount (just finished it, failed to write about it prior to that, whoops!) I think in part because I've been enjoying deck-building games as well (Slay the Spire, Monster Train, etc.). This game is definitely in that vein - with shallower mechanics/systems but, a LOT more story, narrative and puzzles. So, the lack of depth is not a problem at all - in fact, there's what I might call "lateral depth" - so, new systems and things that are introduced but don't co-exist with what's already there - so maintain overall depth, but mix things up a bit. Now that I think about it it's sort of what like MtG does with each set - has a few mechanics/systems but you don't really play with ALL the mechanics that exist in the game (I mean, you could, but it doesn't happen all that much if you're playing any of the formats that limit cards to the most recent sets).

    I really enjoyed going in blind. Everything was a nice surprise and it felt interesting and intriguing to see what was happening with the story, and the characters and so on. The 2nd act was definitely a jarring disconnect with the rest of the game - at least for a while until I picked up on the fundamental differences in how I needed to play in order to make progress again.

    I think that what I enjoyed the most was having the game sort of shift itself a little bit - throw wrinkles into the gameplay (once I was past the 2nd act). Strangely the game gets alot easier after the 1st act is over - looking back it took me a few attempts to get to the end of the 1st act, but after that all the progress was pretty linear... So, the first act is rogue-like while the rest feels much more rpg-like.
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    jp's Inscryption (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 13 December, 2021

    GameLog closed on: Thursday 23 December, 2021

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