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    jp's Exit DS (DS)

    [February 2, 2022 01:25:20 PM]
    This one is an unusual case. I remember having played the PSP version of this game a while back. But I don't remember much about the details and I'm sure I wasn't super impressed or excited or entertained in my experience playing the game. So, I was curious to see how much (if anything) came back to me, and all this without the clarity if the DS version was essentially the same game or not as the PSP one.

    I can now say that yes, it's basically the same game - though the UI is different. At least the default UI assumes use of the touch screen (not a bad thing) and I kind of want to back to the PSP version just to see how it worked AND if the non touch screen controls on the DS version are the same as those on the PSP. I also noticed that there's a (c) notice on the title screen with two years (2005 and 2008) which made me wonder if the PSP version was 2005 and the DS came out 3 years later? Or was there an earlier 2005 version that came out on some other platform?

    So I played 7 levels or so...they're mostly tutorial with lots of on-screen prompts explaining what you need to do and how. Weirdly, there were a few that I did not have to do: there was a place to put a rope to climb down, I was able to get down without the rope and there was a level with a place to put a plank and I was able to jump across without using the plank. So that sort of defeats the purpose...

    I really wanted to "do it right" so I spent 10 minutes or so trying to place the plank correctly, and kept dying and then decided that, you know what? I can spend my time on another game.

    Earlier this morning I went in to see if I had a GameLog for the PSP version of this game...and yes! I complain about getting annoyed with the controls/ I guess some things didn't change between versions.
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    jp's Exit DS (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 1 February, 2022

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 2 February, 2022

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