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    jp's Jake Power: Fireman (DS)

    [May 3, 2022 06:57:22 PM]
    This is clearly a kids game - so, I'm not the target audience - and it's pretty short at that. It's basically a collection of mini-games you play (each one in the context of a fire mission) that then unlock mods for your firetruck. It's very cute and reminded me, at least in the driving around level (the first one for all fire missions) of Toontown! Everything is cartoony, and bouncy and sort of rounded and soft-looking.

    Most of the mini-games are fine - very touch-screen intensive, with the exception of the boot-stomping on the ground one (it was just more fiddly and unresponsive at times). On the other hand, the game is still pretty easy, but perhaps I'm overestimating the difficulty a young child might have had with a game like this? (e.g. is it that hard to rotate the stylus in a circle in one of the mini-games?)

    I wonder if "Jake" is a game-only character? I don't think he's from a kids show or anything like that - it's strange because there are other games in the series with a different name. I know because I have a few (there's Sam and Tim) based on region (Europe, Scandinavia?). I'm still kind of surprised by this - because Jake has a little dinosaur friend and everything. It seems like a lot of character design/development (well done!) for only a kids game. Perhaps they were hoping it would do well and turn into a bigger media franchise? (there's only four games - policeman, football/soccer, fireman, and handyman)
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    jp's Jake Power: Fireman (DS)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 24 April, 2022

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 3 May, 2022

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