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    jp's Noita (PC)

    [June 14, 2022 04:45:48 PM]
    I've been "studying up" on Rogue-like/lites and this game was on my list to check out. And...I feel like I'm not playing it right? Dying often is par for the course - no strangeness there - but I feel like I never get to make the most of the wands I get and that the options for mixing them up are super rare and not that interesting? I guess I was imagining that I would be stumbling into these wild combination of modifiers/powers that would be fun and interesting to mess around with but I've found that I end up sticking mostly to either the two wands I start with or some safe combination of those - so, the super wild ones tend not to be exciting or interesting to play because they're either super wonky and I can't rely on them to hit enemies or super dangerous - like I'll test fire one and it'll blow up in my face.

    I've seen a few of the biomes, but not enough that I feel "wow, this is so cool and interesting" and I also never use the potions I find - first I'm unsure about the interface - I think I end up throwing them all instead of drinking them (I've assumed you can drink them), but I also find that throwing them is mostly a waste - like a flask with water is useful to clean up when I'm soaked in poison or whatever, but I can't use it quickly and safely enough for it to really help.

    So, I'm enjoying the exploration, and I realize you need to have a fair amount of patience - but when I die it's super fast and feels a bit unfair. Maybe I'm not up for the reflexes part of the game?

    The wand options and mixing is what I'm most interested in so perhaps I should just look at a guide/video to see what other people and that will show me a few things I haven't tried yet....
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    jp's Noita (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Saturday 30 April, 2022

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