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    jp's Neopets Puzzle Adventure (DS)

    [June 28, 2022 12:07:22 PM]
    I don't really know much about Neopets - I mean, I know it existed and what it was about in the general sense, but I'm not familiar with the Neopets lore - names of pets and so on. So, I have no real way of knowing if this game is "true" to the source material. But, it's been fun to play what is essentially a kids game that clearly has lots of background material that I assume kids would have been all over. Sort of like playing a Pokemon game without any knowledge of the types and so on, and the characters are just like dropping these references assuming that you know what they're about.

    The game itself is...not that interesting. I've been playing the story mode, eschewing the mini-games for now,'s pretty linear, there's a map - but you don't choose where to go really and the character you create walks from place to place automatically (sometimes this takes quite a while, when going someplace on the other end...and you can't interrupt it or do anything about it once the character is moving along). The game's core gameplay is essentially a version of reversi (or was it Othello?) - the two-player abstract boardgame where you place a piece on the board and then flip over your opponents pieces to your color if they are between two pieces of yours. You continue doing this until the board is full and then you see who has the most pieces. Confusingly, as you place pieces you can also earn XP - which doesn't matter in the context of the match, but your character levels up and, I think - gains the ability to have more neopets (neopetpets?) than give you a special move you can use in the regular match.It's not all that exciting and seems like it's under-utilizing the Neopets stuff? But then again, if I recall, the neopets webgame was mostly about raising/hatching neopets...but still, there isn't any of that here either...

    That being said, the game is connected to the bigger game - you can get codes which I presume unlock stuff for you on Neopets "main". There's also a fair amount of multiplayer options that, for obvious reasons, I'm not going to try out.
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    jp's Neopets Puzzle Adventure (DS)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Friday 17 June, 2022

    GameLog closed on: Tuesday 28 June, 2022

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