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    jp's Marvel Snap (iPd)

    [November 13, 2022 05:34:15 PM]
    Huh. This one's an odd duck on more ways than one:

    1. You don't get new cards by collecting money for lootboxes. You get new cards by upgrading your existing ones that makes you progress along a track. The upgrades are purely cosmetic.

    2. Make a deck of 10 cards, but you'll (usually) only get to use 5 or 6. The game plays in 6 turns with an automatically increasing mana source - just like hearthstone, but it's all in the locations!

    3. There are 3 locations you play cards to - and the locations have effects and the effects are revealed on turn 1, 2, and 3. The effects can be pretty significant - setting game rules, adding cards, boosting, etc. The effects are super important in making the game work successfully because they add tactical considerations. In other words, how you use the cards you have for maximum effect has a lot to do with the location effects.

    I've enjoyed it enough so far that I paid for the season pass. Only 4 weeks though - which seems a bit short and it seems impossible to climb up the ladder to get the rewards. So, I'm feeling a bit miffed by that, but we'll see. I might be wrong on the ladder bit.
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    jp's Marvel Snap (iPd)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 6 November, 2022

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