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    jp's Gunfire Reborn (PC)

    [November 11, 2023 08:43:19 AM]
    We got a group of four together and it was great fun! We even finished the game. As in, got to the end boss of the first campaign - you can continue, or bail. It was late, so we bailed. And we don't really know how we beat the last boss. It's just incredibly unfair! It seems to attack all the locations at the same time, making it impossible to dodge - and we only were able to carry on because you're able to revive each other. If not, game over.

    There's a lot going on in this game with all the different characters and some high-level loot you can pick up - but, it is really quite grindy. Too much for me, tbh.
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    [November 5, 2023 04:15:47 PM]
    Anthropomorphic animals with guns. Oh, also semi-rogue-like looter shooter. With 4 player co-op.

    It's interesting, and fun - but man is there a grind here! Especially if you want to unlock all the characters. It really is designed for co-op play, but weirdly you end up sharing the loot?

    I'm reminded a lot of Immortal Redneck - the levels you play in are small sort of arenas (Immortal Rednecks are more varied, but less linear - so there's some backtracking to do) - you find new weapons (which can have all kinds of perks and stuff) as well as scrolls and you also get to unlock improvements to your special abilities. 2 abilities per character. I think. I only just barely, after ~9 hrs of play, unlocked the second character.

    Lets lots of variety in the weapons, but you can only carry two - with a 3rd vanilla weapon for which you can never run out of ammo. There's some thinking you have to do since there are three ammo types, and it's probably a bad idea to carry two weapons that use the same ammo. Character movement is kind of slow, and it's hard to dodge around since you only have one dash - with a ~3 second cool down. So, it's mostly for last second dodges rather than dodging and weaving.

    I struggled to get past the 1st boss - in the dungeon environment. Then I played with a student who - I think - mostly carried me all the way to the 3rd section - this time a japanese environment. A few minutes ago I was able to get myself all the way to almost the 2nd boss (in the 2nd section - egyptian-themed).

    By now I've unlocked some persistent upgrades that make things a bit easier, and I have a better understanding of the weapons, the types of damage and effects, and so on. So, it does slowly start to make more sense.

    Does it get a bit old? Somewhat - I mean, the arenas aren't all that different or, you do get a bit tired.

    Also, each level within a section has a challenge area (for extra upgrades/scrolls and things) - so you also have to find that and complete it if, I think, you want to stand any kind of change at the very end.

    I think I'll try a game with a random team on the internet just to see how it goes?
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    jp's Gunfire Reborn (PC)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Saturday 4 November, 2023

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 24 December, 2023

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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