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    jp's The Procession to Calvary (PC)

    [November 26, 2023 06:41:37 PM]
    (didn't take that long, tbh - I think I logged two hours on steam all told?)

    I just wanted to comment that I only just realized that all of the game's (Steam) achievements are quotes from the bible! And... they're quite something I must say. I think my favorite is the one you get when you slap a bishop on the butt (the bishop faces away from the screen as the pray):

    Spank the Bishop

    But --- I say to you, not to resist the evil, but whoever shall slap thee on thy right cheek, tur to him also the other. - Matthew 5:39
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    [November 22, 2023 11:06:04 PM]
    There's definitely quite a lot going on in this game. Already a fan of the previous one - whose name escapes me as I type this (Four last things?) - but the game is definitely full of the wacky nonsense of the earlier one. Perhaps there's more this time?

    I think it's a shame to just think of this game as "the game that uses old paintings" - because, there's more to it than that (it also uses old music!). What I mean is that there's a fair amount of engaging with the symbolism and meaning in lots of the art being used. So, the character you play as in this one isn't just a "random" person from a painting - and if you dig around little bit you realize there's more going on that the mere "lets tell some jokes and get a laugh from fart noises" (though there is that).

    I was surprised by how short the game is - or can be - you can just straight up kill a bunch of characters and get to the end. You don't get the "good" ending, but it did crack me up (and it makes sense for the character as well). But, also, in a funny way it pokes fun at how arbitrary many adventure games are in their puzzles when you can see there is a solution (in this game, plain old violence) and the game doesn't let you proceed (here it does, you just get a short, not so fun, and unfulfilling play experience, but it's your own fault!).

    I even killed myself (by mistake) - which made it harder to solve a later puzzle because I was worried I'd kill myself again. (you can die by falling off a cliff, and later you have to jump out a window...)

    Weirdly I'm surprised by how little attention this game seems to get for poking fun at religion in so many ways... has it flown under the radar? Or is it simply "well, Monty Python already did this, what's new here?"

    Also, I love so much of the art - especially when I know it's wild and crazy in the original!
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    jp's The Procession to Calvary (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Sunday 19 November, 2023

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 26 November, 2023

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