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    jp's Skulls of the Shogun (PS4)

    [November 26, 2023 06:35:49 PM]

    I sort of wish I had seen this earlier - since I might have had more time (will?) to spend playing it. But, it's interesting...I mean - it's a turn-based tactical game with different kinds of units and some neat ideas. Weirdly (or interestingly) it eschews a grid in favor of continuous movement, BUT it also has a nice graphical rendering of range and stuff - so you're never (so far at least) in a position where you moved thinking you'd be in range to attack but were not.

    The game's action economy is also interested - you have set number of orders you can issue regardless of the number of units you have (I think you can't issue more than one order per unit though, even if you have very few units). So, you have to be careful and what to do/whom to move etc. Furthermore one of (IMO) the game's key features is that skull-eating system. When you kill an enemy their skull is left behind on the battle field. If one of your units eats it, then you gain some health back. If you eat three skulls the "morph" (upgrade) into a much stronger unit with two actions. It's a big boost - but, it costs an action/order to eat a skull - so, it's not always a good idea in that sense. And, while the healing is useful, it might not save the day especially if you're exposed to an enemy attack...

    I only got 4 missions in (I think, it might have been fewer?) and it was fun, especially once I got to the missions where you can start summoning new units as well!
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    jp's Skulls of the Shogun (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Something better came along

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 14 November, 2023

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 26 November, 2023

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