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    jp's Cobalt Core (PC)

    [May 8, 2024 02:25:11 PM]
    I've since played a bunch more, unlocked more characters, etc. The story unlocks are a lot slower/grindy than I'd like and I've realized that some character combinations are pretty bad! I think I've reached the point where I've figured out a bunch of things, but am not quite ready to take my play to another level - as in, there are things it has not occurred to my to try out. This is sort of the moment where I might look at some guide online or see what the player community is saying - what does expert play look like in this space? can I pull off some of the more challenging strategies? I don't know...I'm sort of interested in exploring some more, but also looking at a (digital) stack of other unplayed games... hmm. choices!
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    [December 31, 2023 04:26:51 PM]
    This might replace Wildfrost as my "deck building rogue-like" comfort game. To be fair, Wildfrost doesn't have much narrative/storytelling, so I'm mostly play the run-of-the-day... and this game (I'm twelve runs in, many being fails, only 4 wins!, but I've moved "up" to try to win on hard - and it's been close a few times) always seems to have some new thing that gets added or presented. By that I don't mean typical rogue-like elements like new charms or whatever, but rather some new story tid-bit or a different story interaction with some game character. The "run" structure of the game is built into the narrative since it's a time-loop story that we're trying to break out of, but can't yet(?), and we often run into alternate versions of the crew from different timelines who seem to know more about what's going on. It's fun, interesting, the runs are a wee bit longer than I'd like but...

    - As you play you can unlock new crew members, and they each have their own unique mini deck of cards, so there's nice variability going in to a run.

    - There are at least 5 different ships to play with (I've only unlocked 2, so I have three to choose from). They also significantly change how to approach the game tactically (and strategically), so this adds greater variability going in.

    Once you're in a run - the game's key "gimmick" is the sideways movement of your ship - you know what enemies will do, draw a hand of cards and try to hit the enemy and not take damage in return. So, it adds sideways movement to what Slay the Spire did in that sense.
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    jp's Cobalt Core (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 20 December, 2023

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