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    dkirschner's Ghostrunner (PC)

    [February 16, 2024 02:08:43 PM]
    Completed! I powered through my nausea and played this in like 30-60-minute chunks for the past month-and-a-half. I was usually good for a level or two at a time. I'm definitely feeling a little barfy right now, but I had to finish. I would power through the nausea again to play the sequel if it's an improved version of this one.

    Ghostrunner was really novel for me. It's a first-person melee parkour game (Mirror's Edge-ish). You are basically a cyberpunk ninja, the titular Ghostrunner, who awakens at the bottom of a dystopian cyberpunk city, having fallen from a great height. A voice in your ear, called The Architect, guides you along and feeds you story. The story was whatever (big bad overlords of shitty cyberpunk city repress the people, resistance movement, fight fight fight, overlords go wild with power to further repress the people and realize their insane version of humanity, etc.). It didn't matter what I was doing anything for, really. I was content with wall-running and slicing enemies with my sword and feeling like a badass. The set pieces of levels in this game are where it's at.

    And that's what the game was for me, a "badass simulator." Especially while feeling nauseous, it was nice to play as a badass. The melee parkour action took some getting used to, especially the slo-mo stuff, but once I got the hang of it, it was great. The game is sort of Hotline Miami-ish or Superhot-ish whereby death is not penalized. You'll restart immediately where you were and try whatever combat and/or parkour sequence over again. I'd finish levels with 75 deaths or more. No problem! As you play, you do unlock some special abilities, but I didn't use them often because your running, slicing, and dicing is efficient enough. After you get the best/last one, the mind control ability, the game is basically over anyway.

    There were a few boss fights that were a bit lackluster. In the first one, you basically just memorize a samurai's sequence of sword attacks, execute what you memorized a few times, and you're good. The second one was a platforming puzzle and probably the most interesting, climbing a death tower. The third and final one was kind of like the first one, but more complex. Learn a few patterned enemy attacks, avoid those attacks enough times, and win. It was kind of weird that the final boss stands in one place and does some easily avoidable repetitive attacks. You'd think she'd be more adept in combat, more creative, more powerful. But she died, just like the samurai first boss and the death tower second boss, easily enough.

    So yeah, definitely neat and worth checking out. I'll play the next one in 30-60-minute chunks too, and hopefully won't blow chunks while doing so.
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    [January 13, 2024 04:01:38 PM]
    I was going to add an entry for Yakuza 0, which is another (like Binding of Isaac) that I've been playing for a few months, but I need to get away from the computer. I feel nauseous. This is Ghostrunner's fault, and why I am writing anyway, because I had to stop playing it. This is the second time it's made me feel nauseous. After the first time (when I thought I might have just been tired), I turned off motion blur, head bob, decreased the resolution a bit, and increased FOV. I made it about twice as long before starting to feel bad, so that's good. I think I should be able to keep it up in chunks of 90 minutes or so. I have to get my head around the slo-mo dodge though. It feels unintuitive for me to pull off, holding left shift, then moving whichever direction to dodge, then letting go of left shift and having my character dash forward instead of to whichever side I moved him. I think that the last thing I did before turning it off this time was to finally figure out the slo-mo thing. But I'm excited to get more upgrades.
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    dkirschner's Ghostrunner (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 9 January, 2024

    GameLog closed on: Friday 16 February, 2024

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Fast parkour, wall-running. Rhythm game vibe. Timing dodges is tricky. ----------- Great action, makes you feel like a badass, but made me nauseous!

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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