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    jp's Yesterday Origins (PS4)

    [January 28, 2024 01:33:10 PM]
    I played the "intro" to this game over winter break (and forgot to write about it) and last night I played Chapter 1. And this game does some really interesting things!

    It's essentially a point and click adventure game - the intro has you (the main character) escaping a prison cell (in medieval spain) where you've been imprisoned for witchcraft/satanism - and you're helped to escape and that was the end of it. (and that was as much as I played over Winter break).

    One of the interesting things here is that there are hot spots (as per normal) you click on them, and then - sometimes - the hotspot is a window-in-window that you can scroll around in to see additional hotspots. So, a shelf might be a hotspot and then you get a little window inside of which you scroll left/right and can click on, say, books on the shelf.

    So, the game hides "depth" within hotspots - has an interesting scrolling interaction that breaks the pace in a nice way - and is probably easier/cheaper than loading an entire new screen that's a closeup. I thought this worked really well!

    The second interesting thing is that you character also has hotspots and is also a potential for "mixing" (combining, use item X with Y) stuff. At one point in the intro I had to use things on the main character to get him to think about something.

    So, the "use with" interface looks interesting. Sometimes it's the main character in the center (and, if you have to use two items you'd pick the first one for the left, and then the second one for the right).

    To be clear, the interface was a bit confusing to me - and I missed some stuff because of it, but I seemed to make progress until I got stuck on a puzzle because I got the order wrong - in my mind I had to pick A then B, but the opposite was "correct". And, I also didn't realize you could pick the character.

    Having escaped the prison cell I thought, ok, this will be an interesting game - I was rescued by some monks and it seemed like a cool thing.

    Last night I started up again and...the game starts in a modern day bedroom? And there's a bunch of story the main character is immortal (but when he dies he is resurrected but loses his memory), and this was done to him by some monk. And he has a girlfriend - and this alchemy was ALSO done to her - but she doesn't lose her memory when she dies. And there's some bad guy and what the heck has been going on?

    So, I thought that perhaps this would be the plot of the game - sort of going back and forth and filling in the blanks. But, no.

    Chapter 1 involved three main things: committing suicide, putting together a gift for a rich lady who might want to buy a Japanese antique that would help save the antique store that belongs to the girlfriend (or is it wife) and then visiting said old lady and discovering something about an old book (that presumably is connected to why the characters are immortal).

    There was a LOT of story stuff going on and it looks like this game is a sequel - and important events of the first game are sort of the backstory for this one? It's al unclear to me...

    I was pretty surprised that to clear the first "scene" you had to commit suicide as the girlfriend (apparently she does this every now and then as she starts to age - since her body resets to her earlier age) - she had smuggled a gun, bullet, and silencer and you kill yourself in the shower and, within seconds she's cleaning up the blood on the fogged up window. Wow. That was all not expected. There was also an annoying bug/error - I tried the suicide without the silencer and got a message saying that I needed a bullet - but there was a bullet! I tried a few things thinking the game was glitched out to no avail. Then I checked online and it turns out that I was missing the silencer and I was only missing this because the "hot spots" are a bit wonky - you won't always see the "X" on the screen telling you it's hotspot. So, I had missed it twice and then barely was able to get it to appear.


    This would become a problem later on as well - with another item (ink) such that I'm not feeling like I want to continue playing because I either play with a guide directly or just frustrate myself until realizing it was a UI issue (fidgety hotspots on screen) that was throwing me off.
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    jp's Yesterday Origins (PS4)

    Current Status: Stopped playing - Got frustrated

    GameLog started on: Thursday 28 December, 2023

    GameLog closed on: Sunday 28 January, 2024

    jp's opinion and rating for this game

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