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    dkirschner's Blind Drive (PC)

    [July 5, 2024 01:04:04 PM]
    Slew of entries coming in...After I finished the PS Plus stuff, I looked into how Game Pass counts a month, and turns out they do it on the same day the following month, regardless of how many days are in a month (signing up in February short-changes you!). So I waited until July 5, since I have had things to do the past few days, and when I have almost all of the next three days to binge stuff, so it will last until August 5, which is a Monday and gives me a full final weekend before I transition into a crazy fall semester. Play while I can, right?

    Anyway, this week I knocked out some short Steam games while waiting. Blind Drive was first. Never played anything quite like it. You steer a car blindfolded. Rather, you are MADE to steer a car blindfolded. It reminded me of the things I did as an undergraduate for psychology experiments and other weird things I found in Craigslist ads to make money. The story is bananas and revolves around your grandmother, some gangsters, and ice cream.

    The UI is super minimalistic because you do not need your eyes to play this game. Since you are driving into oncoming traffic, other motorists honk and yell at you. You hear them approaching on either the left or right side and you use LT and RT to steer to the opposite side to avoid getting hit. Unless you hear the ding of a bicycle bell, in which case you should swerve to hit it and get an extra life because this game is unhinged. On the more difficult parts, such as the segments where you are being shot at and have to dodge bullets (and other cars, and farm animals, depending on the segment), I actually closed my eyes to focus, which helped. Toward the end, my nerves were on edge and I set the difficulty down to easy and finished it that way. Sometimes the cars come so dang fast! Your reaction has to be immediate, and you always have to hold LT or RT a little bit until the car passes you. So, you hear the car approaching, immediately get out of the way, hold a sec until it passes, then release. Sometimes another car will immediately come, sometimes from the other side, and so you are trying to listen and react as fast as possible.

    You get three "hearts," which means you can be hit three times before "dying." You continue whatever segment you are in, unless it's a more scripted one like one of the "boss fights." So in a normal segment, you'll progress whether or not you are dying, but you'll have to get the boss fights right to beat those.

    Playing Blind Drive is like doing a hearing test for two hours. I would never think to make a game of it. Definitely worth playing for the novelty!
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    dkirschner's Blind Drive (PC)

    Current Status: Finished playing

    GameLog started on: Tuesday 2 July, 2024

    GameLog closed on: Wednesday 3 July, 2024

    dkirschner's opinion and rating for this game

    Play with your ears. Closing your eyes helps. Definitely different!

    Rating (out of 5):starstarstarstarstar

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