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    TerzMasta's Prey (PC)

    [January 24, 2007 05:55:52 AM]
    Following up on my previous entry, the spirit form is a cool feature. It lets you walk through force fields and fire, and past sentry guns, and lets the player walk across "spirit bridges" which can't be seen unless in spirit mode. A feature which I really liked is that when "your body becomes broken" and you die, you enter a spirit world where you have a finite time to shoot down these red or blue flying spirit things which replenish either life of spirit energy depending on their color. After the time is up you return to the exact point in the game where you died! There is no time wasted loading from your last save point and replaying part of the level. The I've only gotten 4 weapons so far: 1) a wrench, it's pretty cool, you get to bash stuff with a wrench. 2) some alien rifle which you can either burst fire or zoom in and snipe with. I think the organic scope that comes out and attaches to your face is a cool idea 3) some green alien that you can use as a grenade or tear its legs off and use as a proximity mine. and 4) a leech gun that leeches available power off of points in the level and behaves differently depending on what kind of energy you leech. Aside from the portals and walkways there are also gravity switches. Sometimes it's like your playing in a dali picture.
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    [January 24, 2007 03:01:49 AM]
    I just installed this game and played it for approximately 45 minutes. Prior to this I had no previous knowledge about the game except that it was a first person shooter. I was very pleased with what I found. The graphics (models, textures, lighting, ect.) look great, especially the organic parts of the ship. I hadn't played a good FPS in a while and was very pleased that I didn't have to wait through some ridiculous intro before I got to bust some heads. The soundtrack has been very good so far, almost movie like, and Heart and Blue Oyster Cult were playing in the bar where the game begins! The level design has so far been interesting. There are all sorts of portals that transport you and augment your size, and special runways were the player is able to defy gravity. It's a little disorienting but I haven't had any problems knowing where to go, I think I will get used to it in time. The element of a spirit form has just been revealed to me and I'm curious as to how this will be incorporated into the game play. I also like the mature content and language. No shortages of profanity or gore. So far so good. I'm going to play for another 45 and then make another log.
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    TerzMasta's Prey (PC)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Wednesday 24 January, 2007

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