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    A_Morg's Gears of War (360)

    [January 31, 2007 03:04:23 AM]
    After playing GoW for a longer period of time, there are several problems that I have with the game. First off, after beating the game for the first time, it becomes apparent how short the campaign is. I could probably beat it again in less than two hours. I believe that this is because although the game utilizes a complex A.I. system, the times and places where enemies appear are very scripted in order to add to the cinematic-like feeling of the game.

    Another problem is that there is a very limited variety of weapons. And nearly all of the enemy units behave in the exact same way as your allies. It makes the game seem more like a shooter taking place between two human armies rather than against aliens.

    In addition, the storyline of Gears of War is very lacking. Even though the game first appears to have a very in depth story, it later occurred to me that it is extremely lacking. For example, the game tells me that I am going to go and stop a train, but never mentions why I am trying to do this. Or that I am going to a house, but doesn’t say what the reason for going there it.

    The level design is relatively linear. That is, there is pretty much only one way to go. However, the game makes up for this by giving the player a choice of paths at several points. The game also utilizes the processing power of the 360 by making objects located even in the far distance appear just as realistic as those right next to the player's character.

    My overall view of GoW is that the game had an incredible potential, but was rushed so that the X-Box 360 could have a strong game to compete against the Playstation 3 with. The game introduces many new aspects to the shooter genre, and probably has the greatest graphics of any game to date, but the rushed feeling it has make the game not as great as it could have been.

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    [January 31, 2007 03:00:13 AM]
    The story in Gears of War seems to be pretty in depth. The main character serves as a sort of anti-hero, he was in prison for some reason before being released to help defeat the aliens which have invaded. However, the game has not mentioned yet why there is a war going on, or what exactly it is that I as the player am trying to accomplish.

    Gears of War has many innovative elements. The game introduces an entirely new aspect to the shooter genre. Unlike most shooters, where the best way to win is with gung-ho running in and killing everything, this game takes a much more realistic approach. The game is all about staying covered, and letting the enemy come to you.

    In addition, Gears of War takes into account the fact that in the real world, it is impossible to have perfect aim while running and jumping. In order to be able to target an enemy, your movement speed is cut down by quite a bit.

    This game creates very positive social reactions from bystanders, or at least from male bystanders. The game's extensive use of blood makes it seem very reminiscent of an action movie, making the game very appealing to men. Some examples include the clearly visible headshots, curb-stomping enemies, and the gun with an attached chainsaw. In addition, the use of swear words and the “gritty” feel of the game make it appeal strongly to the same audience that enjoys these sorts of movies.

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    A_Morg's Gears of War (360)

    Current Status: Playing

    GameLog started on: Monday 29 January, 2007

    A_Morg's opinion and rating for this game

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