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    jp's GameLog for Hotline Miami (VITA)

    Monday 13 January, 2014

    So far (I've finished the 4th mission, I think), this game lives up to everything I had heard: incredibly violent, disturbed, a rocking good sound track, and very difficult.

    It's the difficulty that has me annoyed the most - mostly because I don't really like the sensitivity on the right stick (the one you use to aim). I find that I have to "set it", then move in and kill the enemies, and them find a quiet place before I can "set it" for the next room. It's really frustrating and annoying and it's also likely that I'm simply not that good at it. I've just been surprised by how hard it's been for me to aim when I'm NOT under stress. So, getting things lined up nicely is hard even when I can do it slowly and carefully.

    As for the game? Wow, it's pretty bizarre and messed up. I think that the different masks you unlock have different game effects (based on the description), but I haven't really experimented all that much to see if it's true.

    For now, it's SO HARD! I'll need a ton of patience. Good news is that the restart loop is very quick and there's a trophy for dying a lot. I don't think I'll have much trouble earning that one!


    Stick with it if you can! I remember the controls took some time to get used to. Because things happen (and escalate) so quickly, you have to develop near-instantaneous responses. Because the restart loop is so quick though, I think you also master the controls more quickly.

    Friday 17 January, 2014 by dkirschner

    Definitely sticking with it so far. I'm getting a bit better - especially as I've started to realize how you can plan your moves and then, hopefully, execute them. There are lulls and "better" approaches than others...

    Friday 17 January, 2014 by jp
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