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    jp's GameLog for Beyond: Two Souls (PS3)

    Monday 15 September, 2014

    Finished this over the weekend.

    I'm glad I saw it all the way to the end because a lot of the questions I had have been answered. Story stuff pretty much. I then went back and played an earlier scene I was curious about. That was a mistake.

    I peeked behind the curtain and saw how much more linear the game is. A lot of the choices I thought mattered, don't. Some things end up happening anyways regardless of your choice. I understand the problem (branching grows exponentially), and to be honest I'm not surprised. Just a little let down.

    I wasn't intending to re-play any of the earlier scenes (the same philosophy I applied when I played Heavy Rain), but I was, I'll admit, taken in by the allure of a few extra trophies. Way to shoot yourself in the foot! For this kind of game, where you don't really want to encourage replayability, why not tie the trophies (which I understand are a compulsory requirement by Sony) to simple advancement in the game? The Walking Dead implemented them this way, which I thought was great. The trophy system should enhance the game, not detract from it, no?

    I recall that David Cage was really opposed to trophies in Heavy Rain, but ended up putting them in for binary choices anyways. Sigh.


    Which scene did you replay and why?

    Tuesday 16 September, 2014 by dkirschner

    The teenage birthday party scene.

    Friday 19 September, 2014 by jp

    Oh yeah. I didn't know that you could be passive. Did Aiden not trash the place if you didn't take revenge?

    I played this part, then watched it in the Let's Play. We chose different music, acted differently towards the flirting boy, but all the same stuff ended up happening, I guess because we both chose revenge. Kids are so mean...

    Friday 19 September, 2014 by dkirschner

    Aidan only trashes stuff if you choose to do that with him. You can not trash anything...

    Friday 26 September, 2014 by jp
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