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    hero123's GameLog for This war of mine (PC)

    Friday 23 January, 2015

    Well i just started the game and I so far I am enjoying it. The feeling is a bit dark due to the aesthetic but I understand what they are going for. I thought that the funnest part is building up your house to provide comfort for the characters that you control. I do think it is an interesting ethical dilemma that in order to get what I need, I must steal from others essentially. I anticipate the need for weapons in the near future to defend against intruders and perhaps to loot more effectively.

    So far I have created a rotation of scavenging, sleeping and guarding that seems to be working out well. I was also able to nurse my sick team member back to health. I have built 2 beds and a bunch of workstations to built metal objects and other things. I am saving up now for a furnace and then a place to make moonshine. my primary purpose for making moonshine will be to barter with.

    For scavenging , I found it is very useful to only have a shovel and a set of lock picks to maximize the amount of good loot that you can snag. Taking anything else seems unnecessary. I really want to increase the amount of things I can carry, though I am unsure about how to do that right now.

    I look forward to more of the drama of the game to unfold as It has me very interested in the characters right now. I am mainly interested in them because I have spent so much time trying to make them comfortable.


    That last comment of yours--caring ABOUT them because you've had to care FOR them--it's a really interesting notion. I don't have any kids, but it sounds a little like parenthood.

    Saturday 24 January, 2015 by gbayles

    Should we feel bad if we have fun playing this game?

    Friday 6 February, 2015 by jp
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