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    karthik_narayan's GameLog for This war of mine (PC)

    Monday 26 January, 2015

    This war of mine is one of the most engaging games I have played this year. This game puts the player in a position to make very difficult, sometimes impossible choices to ensure the survival of the civilians inside the shelter.
    The game started off by handing control of three civilians, Marko, Pavle and Bruno to me. The first few minutes I spent by just exploring the shelter, finding some food and some medicinal herbs (which sure came in handy since Bruno started off by being "slightly sick"). I started taking note of the speech bubbles above each character, which sometimes are vital hints to the survival of this group. Bruno suggested that we should keep warm, so I made Marko create a heater and placed in the middle floor. Marko also suggested that a cooked meal is preferable instead of eating raw food, which led to Marko making a crude stove for Bruno to cook food for the group.
    Soon enough, nightfall came and I had to choose one of the survivors to scavenge in different locations. I picked Marko since he was marked as a "skilled scavenger" and headed on to the first location, the Shelled Cottage.
    I had Marko scavenge around, and scored some food and water(both essential for a proper cooked meal). Marko also managed to find some mechanical parts which could be used to upgrade the shelter.
    The next day, I started seeing speech bubbles about Bruno and Pavle had slept poorly because of lack of beds. My first priority then became providing beds for the shelter, so that these survivors can have proper sleep while one of them went scavenging for the night. In the "Our Things" section, I noticed some suggestions about having books to read and chairs to sit on and read them. I didnt realize the significance of this, until the second night.
    Marko had already begun to feel tired after the previous night's hunt, so I decided to choose Pavle as the "night scavenger". I hit a different location, an old couple's home, which is where I faced my moral dilemma. Now, I had made a shovel, since Marko hinted that clearing debris off the path seemed to go faster with a shovel in hand.
    Once i enter the home, I saw lots of food and medication, which I knew would come in handy. However, the old lady seemed to having some sort of illness, which her husband insisted can be helped with the meds in-house. Now, I was stumped. On one hand, I had Bruno going through a fever back home, with no indication of recovering, and three survivors to feed, and on the other hand, this old couple who cannot defend themselves from scavengers. I quickly made some choice to take some food to last for a few days and some meds for Bruno(and others if they need them) and left the rest for the couple(Utilitarian of me, I hope).
    On my return, I was faced with a different situation. It seems that stealing from old people was not much appreciated by the group, and the entire group became sad. I had no way of knowing of how to cure this new problem, till I remembered reading the suggestion about Books. Fortunately, i managed to score some books, which the survivors automatically used to forget about the war.
    At this point, I thought it would be wise to have a plan before heading out into the night, and so I made a note of all the items that we had, so that I could decide which location to hit on my next hunt.


    Utilitarian or egoist?

    Thursday 5 February, 2015 by jp
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