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    jp's GameLog for Wario Ware, Inc: Mega Microgame$ (GBA)

    Wednesday 12 November, 2003

    I was really curious about this game and tried it out on an emulator. Now I'm glad to say that I'm playing the real thing, and it is really fun! I cleared the 1rst two "levels" before time ran out but was able to look at the third one. It is SOOOO cool. At times I feel like I'm having flashbacks to games of yore...just enough to remember them and go, Wow! I lost a few games simply because of the fact that I was stunned by the "source" of the microgame.

    I will definitely be playing this some more!


    Yeah.. there's some really fun microgames in there. I especially like the snot sniffing one for the "I can't believe they did this" value.

    I've found that I tend to go through levels multiple times, crashing and burning the first run because I don't manage to figure out how to play the game right the first time through. Second time through I tend to get through the series a couple of times because I know what I'm doing.

    That said, the cool factor didn't last long enough to keep me playing very long. I'm sure there are games in there I'd love that I haven't seen yet because an experience split into three to five second helpings of action weren't enough to keep me interested.

    Wednesday 12 November, 2003 by bri

    Yeah, I can see that happening. In any case, there are definitely some microgames I wasn't able to figure out on the 2 or 3rd pass.... (the mini-golf one for example). The snot one is incredible, got to it this morning! Do you know if the picture of the girl in that is from some other game? I can imagine it being the "final scene" of some fancy old-skool-RPG.

    Wednesday 12 November, 2003 by jp

    Snot girl from an old game? Sounds plausible to me, but if she is, it's a game I haven't played or just don't remember. (Not that such a thing's all that difficult... so many games, so little time.)

    Wednesday 19 November, 2003 by bri

    Its just that it would seem to be too far fetched for them to actually design that since most of the game is either re-worked artwork or "tributes". :-)

    There must be something somewhere on some trivia site... ;-)

    Wednesday 19 November, 2003 by jp
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