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    jpop83's GameLog for This war of mine (PC)

    Saturday 23 January, 2016

    Log 2 This War of Mine
    Today I played a new round, different from yesterday. I decided to try to play the game without raiding people’s houses and apartments. I wanted to try to raid just the abandoned locations. I also focused on building things in my home quicker so that I could have food and water on hand.

    Things worked out well until I went to a villa that seemed to be abandoned but it turned out that it was in fact not. There were people there and after the raid I got home and the character felt badly about taking the things. I was a little confused because I thought that it was an empty villa. It was almost like I did something bad without even knowing it.

    I also had a case today where a neighbor brought me food from their garden. I gladly accepted the gift and it helped out the food situation immensely. It made me wonder if I would be able to give gifts to people in the game the way that they gave me gifts. I am not sure how that would work since it seems like the only way to visit other locations is when I am on a raid at night.

    So far with the game today I have been able to keep my characters happy, fed, and healthy longer than the last game I played.


    "It was almost like I did something bad without even knowing it." - How often do you think that happens in life (and/or in games)?

    Tuesday 1 March, 2016 by jp
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