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    Strangeoid's GameLog for Guitar Hero II (PS2)

    Tuesday 9 January, 2007

    Alrighty, so I picked this up for the first time on Friday, and totally sucked at it. Today was my second time playing and even the little experience I had had before helped. The controls, as unconventional as they are, are uniquely difficult to master. Still, it really does feel cool playing GH2, especially when doing well.

    I kept it on easy mode, and completed a few songs with more than satisfactory scores. Wolfmother, Kiss, The Police, and a couple other bands... My skills are still piddling in comparison to the majority of my friends. Still, great fun can be had rockin' out with the guitar controller (I've found this to be easier when the controller has a strap. Take a wide stance, and dance around - I swear, it improved my score!). The game functions in much the same way as the original GH, although I have only ever watched the original version being played by someone else. You press the 'note' or 'chord' on the neck of the guitar and strum on beat. A meter is raised depending on how well you do, and once the meter is full, you can hold the guitar vertically, activating 'Star Power.' This power increases the multiplier on your score, and can dramatically enhance your win.

    Overall, immensely enjoyable. Pretty simple to just pick up and start playing, considering how different the controller is. It is similar to many Bemani games in that the songs are of varying difficulty in themselves, and then each has a different version depending on the difficulty level you choose to play. I do have a bit of rhythm in me, so things worked out. As long as you can tap along to the music, you can play this game.


    You find it easier with the strap? Interesting.. I find that my hand cramps up pretty fast and prefer to sit on the couch with the guitar on my knee. It does make it a bit harder to activate the star power though...

    Wednesday 10 January, 2007 by jp

    Good job but how did you feel about this game after playing another session.

    Monday 15 January, 2007 by cephalopod
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