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    brialinza's GameLog for Life is Strange (PC)

    Sunday 22 January, 2017

    I have not posted an entry in the past 2 days because I couldn't put the game down until it was finished. So much happens in each episode, it is crazy...

    To sum it up, as I continued to play as Max, I found myself faced with choices revolved around trying to save Chloe. I gained powers in the game to look at photos and go back to the time of the photo selfie and have the chance to make choices there. This created parallel realities that ultimately I jumped back and forth in different ways to try and stop everything from getting worse.

    Arcadia Bay (the town) was doomed for a storm, as seen in the final episode and in flash-backs since the beginning of the game. This entire game is a journey like no other game I've played... it gets down to the darkest subjects of life, and puts you through horrid choices which it seems as though nobody should face.

    In the end -- spoiler alert here -- you choose between saving Chloe or the town. The moral concepts I faced, when this choice came up, I didn't know what to think. The storm as it turned out was caused by Max/the player for traveling through time. This game brings in rather obscure ideas of how time can be altered in more ways than thought, which brings up very interesting ideas about consciousness and our ability to choose.

    Something I know in life, it's that we sometimes are just passengers of life, brought by fate for one reason or another, but ultimately it is us who decides our destiny. I feel like this game portrays that idea in a very elaborate and profound way. So, although this game legitimately had me shaking, crying in numerous ways, and even screaming in distress at literally 5 AM, this game is one of the best I know of. No, I am not a masochist, but I understand that life as a whole is not perfect. However, not everything is set in stone, and we have the choice to be good individuals. However we wish to do that, it is up to us, but this game portrays how it is doing something that is more than ourselves that ultimately really brings better meaning into life. It is a sense of love that is more than just romance; it is something truly amazing. This game has the good, and the bad, but isn't that life?


    You make an interesting point about our "ability to choose," especially when the outcomes are understood beforehand. How does your understanding of ethics shift under this line of thinking?

    Wednesday 25 January, 2017 by Jeff_Nay
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