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    UltraVioletLlama's GameLog for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (PS4)

    Wednesday 22 February, 2017

    Shadow of Mordor, PS4, February 22nd, 2017, 5:53-6:50 (57 minutes)
    This playthrough I simply released more slaves and I unlocked more and more missions. Saving slaves in this game is very rewarding because the more slave rebellions you cause, the more xp and xp opportunities are created. This gives the game an interesting dynamic, because you do not have to engage in these missions, and it is seen as the moral thing to do in this game world. Is this teaching the player to only fight for others if you gain greatly from it? As for the narrative I experienced this game, I had another main story mission with Ratbag. We are introduced to something called warchiefs, basically captains that affect Sauron’s army even more than a regular captain. You need to kill these for the story, so it is partially out of your hands. As you kill them, they all become stronger, but you also become stronger. You act selfishly by killing the warchiefs, because ultimately you are making the world a darker place just so you can have a better chance in defeating Sauron. Anyways, in that mission, you are called to kill a warchief and then passing it off as Ratbag’s kill. You are basically a hitman for Ratbag, just so you can learn of your past. Is being a part of this corruption ethical? Is helping Ratbag actually going to help you, or are you creating a monster?


    How would your experience of freeing slaves differ if you didn't get rewarded for it?

    Friday 10 March, 2017 by Jeff_Nay
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