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    Tasch's GameLog for The Talos Principle (PC)

    Thursday 23 February, 2017

    I am really enjoying playing through this game analysis honestly. In continuing to play the Talos Principle there has been more and more plot hints appearing. I say hints because this game excels at subtlety and making you dig up and investigate info in the depths of the Archive and try and piece things together from predominantly corrupted files -- but this has made it infinitely more interesting for me. I love it because the puzzles themselves have been fairly easy so my thoughts are more on trying to figure out the details of this project, this virtual world, and of course the titular Talos Principle and thoughts on life/sentience. But it feels like I'm the protagonist in one of those books, movies, or games where they race against time to unravel some big mystery and it's making me feel pretty cool. So far I've discovered that these worlds I'm running through aren't real (kind of obvious) but more importantly that it's called the Archive and that apparently teams of brilliant minds from around the world came together to build it for some purpose. It seems like it started out to test the AI or even some completely unrelated task, but due to whatever was ending the world they adapted it for the AIs? Still figuring it out. I love how it's been just a mix from actual text files and memos from researchers to random emails to forum posts to song lyrics at one point. Elohim has been phenomenally um...intimidating. I don't want to trust him. Like morally if this voice was actually God there's kind of this compelling feeling to listen to him right? But I also am terrified and think he's just messing with me. Doesn't help that this magic tower sitting there all foreboding is forbidden. I know that if he's not actually God and I were to listen and stay here forever I would never see the outside world -- and honestly I think that's what's up there it's just so destroyed that I wouldn't last forever anymore like Elohim said. I sense an Adam and Eve vibe here. We'll see what next session brings (though to be honest I've been playing this game a LOT more than what was required and I keep forgetting to write my logs about it ahaha).

    ((Also some robot ghost came running at me and scared me so damn bad I was NOT expecting that. I have been playing this alone for hours and my poor AI has literally never encountered any other physical beings before YOU CANNOT SCARE US LIKE THAT DUDE.))


    Does making the game directives explicit through the voice of Elohim change your play experience?

    Friday 10 March, 2017 by Jeff_Nay
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