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    Driver_MS's GameLog for FireWatch (PC)

    Tuesday 16 January, 2018

    while having read reviews about this game I have to say the tutorial is … poorly designed. I'm hoping its just one of many cases where the tutorial is an afterthought and not well babied but considering they force you through it it's not a great design.
    we start off text-based with some smatterings of tutorial items like movement, item interaction it sets a stage for some ethical dilemmas with this or that choices but often it doesn't feel like a truly hard choice between them more like the problematic version of thing 1 and thing 2 and largely unnecessary or at least could have been less text-based or given more piecemeal during actual gameplay and would have given a better chance to connect to the main character.
    for example, one option given is between fighting with the protagonists significant other or ignore her when upset, when she comes back a bit drunk after going out with her friends. considering we don't even know what anyone looks like or sounds like or even a whole lot of history it feels very forced and immature considering we have no reason to care for any of the characters yet. Going from the feeling that our main man is really the problem we are given (Still mostly texted based) a dramatic change in how the game shows why our guy might want to roam the woods alone with only one person on the radio for company.
    Faced with more problematic choices (lock your early onset dementia spouse inside the bedroom while you go to the bar or simply trust she won't get into trouble). It feels as though it's attempting to show a moral grey area but more so just feels more like our MC is an immature jerk. Which could be a setup for his character development but it's not until the “tutorial” is over that we even really get a glimpse of who he is and it lacks a draw and pull to his character in the first place.


    Good job Driver. Now that your further into the game, why do you think the game was giving you so many morally grey choices at the beginning? Did they payoff later in the game?

    Wednesday 24 January, 2018 by zhardy
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