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    r_winzenried's GameLog for FireWatch (PC)

    Wednesday 17 January, 2018

    I played about two more hours of Firewatch today, and after my experience with it yesterday, I have come to realize that is just what the game is, I guess. I thought I was just taking a really long time navigating the forest and wasting a bunch of time getting from point A to finding point B, but I think that is just a big part of the game. I kept waiting for something else bigger to happen, or for something big for me to do. I suppose the point of the game is just a slow-paced walk-through game where you slowly get closer to Delilah's character and explore that relationship. I'm sure there are some bigger events that happen, I just haven't gotten to those yet and I am getting kind of bored at it. Especially because I am not good at navigating. One observation I do have regarding the characters is that there communicative style is very brash and sarcastic. Neither one of them seem like the greatest people, but then again I don't know them that well yet. I do hope the game gets more exciting and more happens, because right now I don't love it.


    Good job Rachel! There is a lot of wandering around in Firewatch, but try to keep in mind what you can learn about these characters from the dialog options you are presented with in the game.

    Wednesday 24 January, 2018 by zhardy
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