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    Tevin P.'s GameLog for FireWatch (PC)

    Wednesday 17 January, 2018

    So far, Firewatch is quite enjoyable. I feel that early on, the pacing is well kept. Firewatch would be an interesting play through if you are a fan of narrative style game, like I am.
    Right at the beginning, the game has you choose through options that determine your life up until the start of the game as Henry. It has you choose how you meet your future wife (Julia), what dog you will adopt, and even if you will move with your wife so that she can pursue a new job opportunity.
    One of the most difficult choices that I had to make was when my character’s wife started to develop dementia. This was a tough choice, because what is morally right? Should you continue to take care of her in her deteriorating condition, possibly lowering the quality of life for you and her? Or send her to a care facility were she can receive proper help? I ended up choosing the second option. I believe that it would lead to a better and easier life for both of us. Though, I am not blind to how others would see this. It could be interpreted as abandoning her in that care facility so she isn't my problem.
    After this short ‘choose your own story’ dialogue, you enter the game having just taken a job at a firewatch tower. This definitely seems like an escape for the main character. When I chose the option to let my wife go, my friends started to look down on me. My wife was starting to forget me. So heading out into the wildernest probably seemed like the best option at the time. At this point I had met Delilah and she got me acquainted with the firewatch job and even poked fun at me for choosing such a solitary job. Then we noticed fireworks being set off in the woods. This is about where I stopped playing for the day.


    hmmm, abandonment versus doing what's right for everyone is tricky. There's certainly the potential for an ethical question there.

    Saturday 17 February, 2018 by zhardy
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